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Since 2009 SEnuke Has Dominated SEO, Now XCr Goes Even Further

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Now SEnuke Posts Anywhere

With The New Macro Function SEnuke XCr Can Post To Virtually Any Website


When SEnuke was originally released it was a able to post only to a handful of site. A few years later SEnuke X brought us the ability to post to many more, and add our own sites in a limited fashion.

SEnuke XCr goes 10 steps further and now with the new macro mode allows you to post to just about any site on the Internet. Heck if your fridge has a web interface you could even post to that if you wanted!

Put simply this amazing new feature allows you to automatically put links wherever you want. Got a secret high PR site only you know about? Add it to SEnuke XCr just for yourself, or share it with the rest of the SEnuke community and earn credits for your work. Credits allow you to download macros made by other users, you can't buy credits only earn them ensuring quality and removing the possibility of over saturation of the sites your submit.

You may have seen such macro recorders before, and been completely overwhelmed by how complex they are. Fear not because the XCr interface is a totally simple click-click-done setup that even a child could use.

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Normally when you buy SEnuke all you are getting is SEnuke, sounds fair? Well it's not.

This is a complex program, and can be adapted to work in a number of different ways. All of which are very confusing to new users.

That's why when you buy here you also get full free access to Zont SEO, the No1 SEnuke tutorials site, absolutely free. There you will find a constantly updating set of training videos, additional sites and all the very best templates you can get. Did you know Zont SEO templates are the ones that actually ship with every copy of SEnuke? So you know you are going to be getting the very best.

After your puchase of SEnuke put in a support ticket at Zont SEO, let them know your PayPal email address and they will sort our your free access.

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New Project Modules

SEnuke XCr Also Includes Four New Inbuilt Project Types

In addition to all the great project types already in SEnuke (Social Network, Bookmarks, Web2.0, Article Directories, Profiles, RSS Syndication) XCr adds in 4 completely new never before seen project types:

  • PDF Submit - A totally new type of link compared to anything offered by SEnuke before. Your files will automatically be converted to an optimized PDF file and uploaded for sharing across a host of sites. Perfect for creating new link diversity.
  • Wiki Project - We all know about wikisites, almost every search we do contains a wiki in it somewhere. Well now you can be in there too with the ability to post to 100's of different wiki sites at the click of a button.
  • Wordpress Module - Got 100's of wordpress blogs to keep updated? Or want to build your own private blog network? No problem with SEnuke XCr's new Wordpress projects. Submit to all your sites at the touch of a button, or share sites with other users and collaborate together, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Google Places - Anybody with a local business, or whom runs an SEO company, is going to love the new Google Places project. Dominate the local SERPs, with your company above all the local competition.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

14 Day Free Trial & No Risk Refund Policy - No Questions Asked

Not only do you get a full 14 days free trial BUT if for any reason what-so-ever during the first 30days you decide SEnuke XCr is not for you then you can get your money back. No questions asked.

Simply login to the helpdesk system and request a refund.

Get your 14 days free SEnuke XCr trial

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